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I left CIX some months ago when, due to a misunderstanding (like not knowing what tarriff I was really on) got charged a silly amount for storage. I worked out they can make about 2m/annum for a typical disk. Also the ridiculous amount of spam I was receiving and the way they would often upset Ameol big time.

Anyway here is a very alpha quality tool to convert mailboxes into BSD mbox format which should be digestible by at least Netscape and hopefully Eudora and the like.

Being really really simple and not very robust at all it currently takes the name of the TXT file (get this from the folder's properties in ameol) and the name of the new mailbox file. It also doesn't bother to look at the corresponding THD file. You need a cygwin1.dll in your path if you don't use cygwin. Here is a recent (autumn '3) cygwin1.dll. I'm not currently supplying the source but guarantee it does nothing beyond read one file and write the other you specify. Oh and print hashes. If the hashes stop it may have crashed or just chewing on a large message.

So you might type

exporter C:/Ameol/Data/Me1000.txt stuff.mbx

It is absolutely vital that you

Exit codes 0 for success, 4 for not supplying exactly two arguments, and 5 or 6 for infile/outfile respectively.

jon kind of at jschneider dot net

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