These fantastic pictures were taken by Anthony Holley at the Knifestone after Amanda and Sarah kidnapped me and took me to the Farnes last week.

I was the only one of the four of us present without a camera so all I had to do was play with our friend here. When he/she started to pull Gill my buddy's mask off or possibly eat her from the head downwards I was laughing far too much to be of assistance. Sorry Gill !

There are in fact lots more pictures without me in them but Anthony kindly sent me these today.
My dry pictures are here and unsorted.

Anthony also made this video which, being about 8MB, you may need to save rather than launching straight off. Needs pukka Windows Media Player or VLC.

Jon Schneider
Wednesday 8th September 2004
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(The logs as at Thursday evening showed 38 video downloads but looking more closely only 8 in its entirety rather than pieces)

Click on pictures for larger version.