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My even older page hasn't changed much since it was created more than ten years ago so I've put it aside for now. It still contains some useful stuff and heavily recycled humour for those that want to take a look.

In September '4 I had an incredible encounter with grey seals

(I'm the cute one on the right.)

In March '5 a number of us from our diving club took two boats to help release five common seals off the east coast. They had been nursed back to health at the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, a place well worth a visit.

It sickens me to read of the Canadians, have decided that seals, not humans, are the cause of declining fish stocks so need culling. It can't be anything to do with Canada's fur trade can it. I don't know how effective it is but please visit this petition site. I got the URL off the Oban section of the Sea Life Sanctuary site.

Sony TV
Making your computer quieter
36" telescope
Inside an Exogen4000+
Typical shopping day in Cambridge
Bushey Park, a place in Twickenham where they tested torpedos, high performance rubber ducks and the like. An episode of BUGS was shot there a few years ago.
The first and last Halfords bicycle tyre I bought.
My Google Maps based GPS planner.
My Google Maps based GPS tracking system.
Building the pcb package on OS X.
EeePC scribblings
SPIFFS for MicroPython for the ESP8266
Apple iMessage problems
Humax / YouView YouView

About hiring me.
Unless you are/were a cixen you won't want to read my Ameol ramblings.

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